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There are many things to see at the Go Nagai Wonderland Museum! Go Nagai’s unique characters fascinate visitors.

Whether you’re familiar with Go Nagai’s works or are experiencing his world for the first time, you’re sure to have a fun-filled time of fresh surprises and inspiration. Take your time and experience the world of Go Nagai, who continues to publish works that will go down in manga history.

Floor Guide
Main illustration at front The main illustration decorating the front entrance was unveiled by Go Nagai at the museum’s 3rd anniversary commemorative event. Hand-drawn-like images of Mazinger Z, Devilman and Cutie Honey are printed in color.
Entrance Go Nagai welcomes you via video message.
Go Nagai History Road Gives a look at Nagai’s personal history and the many works he has produced since making his debut. The number is overwhelming!
1/9 scale Mazinger Z Mazinger Z appears in the town of Wajima?!
Wonderland Museum Shop The museum shop has a range of commemorative items from character goods to Wajima lacquer panels. You’ll also find an exclusive photo booth where you can take pictures only available at the museum!
Period Manga World See the world of heroes from period drama manga, including Sengoku military commanders, on large panels!
Go’s Garden You’ll find a statue of Go Daimyojin, Go Nagai’s alter ego that was born from his tremendous energy. Make a wish, and perhaps it will be granted!
Go’s Room Go’s Library: Read Go Nagai’s works on a computer!
“Be a Manga Artist” Corner: Draw manga characters on a computer! You can print the character you draw and take it home.
Dark Hero Labyrinth Dark heroes emerging from the darkness. The rare figurines are a must see!
Studio GO! Many original drawings normally not accessible to the public are exhibited here. Various special exhibitions are also held. You can also watch videos of illustrations being produced!